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About Us

We are the type of company that is not just an alternative to pick you from or drop you off at the airport. Instead, we are the kind you will always find superb and less expensive than all the other sorts of airport transfer chumps you will find these days.

A Letter from our CEO

Even after being the founder and CEO of rydeus, I have always been less directive and more cooperative with the people who work or deal with me. I believe that people are the ONLY assets that can make a company grow or cause it to downfall. No amount of money or equipment or technology can come close to a higher value unless the people are involved. Based on that, I have hired not the best but the right kind of employees that can live up to the expectations of the people who do business with us or to clearly say that we cater to their Airport transportation needs. The reputation gained overtime is hard to ignore, and the same promise I make that never to alter the relationships we have developed (or will develop) with you.


Why Choose us

Trained Staff

Our staff, both in and out of the house, are first vetted thoroughly and then given the necessary training. Time and again, they are tuned-up so to always remain sharp in the industry. Know more by giving us a call.

24/7 support

Around the world, you may have seen 24/7 being mentioned in every service. But do they really work as per that, is a big question? We tell you that our whole time accessibility will never let you down. Give a try now.

Safer Rides

From picking to stopping to crossing to dropping, our driver will make sure that you are safe and sound in every second of the journey. Of course, they will not irritate you but will show you their real responsibility.

Company Info


Who's driving rydeus

The team behind rydeus is professional and humble to the core. The toil and support we offer to our customers at any time cannot be compared with any appreciation.


Getting diversity ride

As we are proud to be part of a country that respects individuals from all backgrounds, the same fundamentals can be seen at our workplace. Our vision is straight, to include everyone.